Luogo - Religious building


Where Campli (Teramo)
Pope Clement XIV with a brief dated 1772 granted the Holy Staircase of Campli the same privilege of the Roman one, that is to say the authorization to confer the plenary indulgence to those who had ascended it. In the same brief, the pope ordered to build the Staircase within a church consecrated to the Virgin of the Seven Sorrows. The prestigious honor resulted from the diplomatic action of the lawyer Giampalma Palma, father of the historian Niccola, and of Cardinal Andrea Corsini. On the brick and stone façade adorned with simple pilasters there is a sixteenth-century ashlar-worked portal which comes from the Convent of Saint Onofrio. The walls of the staircase are adorned with canvases representing scenes of the Passion. At the top there is the Sancta Sanctorum: a small window provided with a grating looks over a little altar with an image of Christ in blessing. The way down is decorated with monochrome paintings of the Resurrection, of Neapolitan production.

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