Luogo - Museum

Museo archeologico nazionale di Campli

Where Piazza S. Francesco, Civitella del Tronto (Teramo)
The National Archaeological Museum of Campli, situated in the restored convent of Saint Francis, preserves and exhibits the finds from the prehistoric necropolis in the site of Campovalano. Made up of four sections, the material on display narrates the historical phases of the area, from the earliest settlement of the Picenians, dated to the XIV century B.C. to the period between the tenth and the first century B.C., when the site was used as a burial place. The most precious finds are undoubtedly the ones dating back to the seventh and sixth century, a real golden age. Among those there are jewels and arms, but first and foremost pottery, noteworthy for its variety and complexity. The excavations brought to a light also a small human head in vitreous paste, of Phoenician production.

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