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Where VIALE BOVIO, 1, Teramo
The municipal collection was founded in 1869 in order to preserve works from churches out of use, dated between the fifteenth and the eighteenth century. In 1895 the Municipal Museum, containing also archaeological finds from the ancient Interamnia, was installed in Corso San Giorgio. Today the art gallery is situated in the Neo-classical building erected in 1923 in the gardens of the municipal villa meant to contain the town museum. The art works that were part of the town collection got lost and partly damaged during the Second World War, but have been recollected as from 1979. The present exhibition contains fifteenth- century altar-pieces, such as the one portraying saints by Giacomo from Campli the altar-piece painted by the Master of polyptyches Crivelleschi, and furthermore seventeenth and eighteenth-century paintings of Neapolitan school and, above all, works by nineteenth-century artists from the Abruzzi, such as canvases by Della Monica, Bonolis and Celommi, and a few masterpieces of the realist sculptures from Giulianova Raffaello Pagliaccetti.
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