Luogo - Museum

Casa dei ricordi di Papa Giovanni XXIII

Where Via Camaitino, 12, Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII (Bergamo)

It is believed that Camaitino, the first Pope Roncalli's home, in Sotto il Monte, was built by Martinus Roncalli in the fifteenth century. The entire complex, today public property, houses a "Pope House of Memories". The tour begins with the entrance hall and several rooms on the ground floor, which are rich in documents relating to the Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli's life and activity. Worthy of note, his office, dining room and bedroom, as well as the Papal Chapel. Nearby, it can also visit the oratory. The Museum is the object of pilgrimage for people from all over the world. Among the remarkable works of art, some work in bronze by Giacomo Manzu and frescoes by Mauro Pelliccioli (1926).

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