Luogo - Museum

Civico museo archeologico di Bergamo

Where Piazza Cittadella, 9, Bergamo

The foundation of the Archaeological Museum of Bergamo dates back to 1561. After several changes of venue and the confluence of several collections (from the collection of Count Paolo Vimercati Sozzi, donated to the city, to the recovery of archaeological materials discovered in the province of Bergamo by Prof. Gaetano Mantovani), in 1960 the Museum was reorganized in the fourteenth century Palazzo Visconti Citadel, where it remains today. The Museum offers an educational service, organizes annual exhibitions, conferences, excavations and still publishes the historical magazine "Bergomensi Archaeological News". The exhibition shows the history of the city and its territory from Prehistory to the Lombard period, with also the "Egyptian Collection" and the "Lapidary", through the exhibits and the commentary that accompanies them.

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