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Museo adriano bernareggi

Where Via Pignolo, 76, Bergamo

The Museum "A. Bernareggi", opened in 2000, is housed in the Palazzo Bassi Rathgeb, built in 1520 by Pietro Isabello. The building, of great historical and artistic value, presents decorations of the early sixteenth century of antiquarian taste. The portion of property originally belonged to Bartholomew Cassotti will be deeply transformed over the centuries, during several changes of ownership. The religious Museum is on three levels and divided into twenty-one rooms, it exhibits liturgical objects and religious paintings that Adriano Bernareggi, Bishop of Bergamo, had collected on all the territory between 1932 and 1935. Among the masterpieces on display there are paintings by Daniele Crispi; processional banners from Lombardy and Veneto, dated between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century; the "Trinity" by Lorenzo Lotto; up to the contemporary works of Manzù. The path has an educational vocation of exhibiting the works as "chapters" and themes.

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