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Museo Storico di Bergamo - Ottocento

Where Piazzale Brigata Legnano, 12, Bergamo

The nineteenth-century Section of the Historical Museum of Bergamo was set up in 2004 within the keep of the Rocca, built during the Venetian rule to accommodate the gunners. The top of the tower, which stands on the hill of St. Euphemia (upper town), offers a 360 degree view of the city and areas of the province. In the current Museum merges the historical and artistic heritage of the Civic Museum of the Risorgimento and the Resistance. The path is organized in chronological sections, starting from the arrival of the French troops in Bergamo (1796) until 1870, narrating the key stages of the local history, in relation to the regional and national level, through reconstructions, multimedia, audio testimonials and findings from other museum, institutional and private collections. The visit can also be customized according to specific thematic paths, with a greater level of detail ("The Forma Urbis and the Image of the City: the iconography"; "The Political Satire in the Risorgimento" and "The Garibaldi Face of the City").


Closed on Mondays.

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