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Rocca di Bergamo

Where Via Alla Rocca, Bergamo

The Rock of Bergamo is in the "high city", on the dominant hill of St. Euphemia. Its construction began in 1331 with William of Castelbarco and continued with the Visconti family, until 1336, with the addition of fortifications, the castle and the Citadel, of which little remains. The old town was then enclosed in a triangular fortification. In 1428 the Venetian domination followed the lordship of Visconti and brought new changes to the fortification: in the lower part of the city a wall, the "Muraine"; in the south-east, the Tower of Galgario. At the castle was added the circular tower that still characterizes it, with inside the barracks of the artillery, the so-called "School of the Bombers". The Rock maintained its military function even during the brief Napoleonic period (1797-1814) and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Since 2004 the building houses the Historical Museum of Bergamo and the Rock offers visitors a panoramic view.


Closed on Mondays.

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