Torre Civica - Campanone

Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo

The Civic Tower, better known as the "Great Bell", is overlooking Piazza Vecchia. Until the nineteenth century was the center and the institutional representative of...


Museo storico di Bergamo età veneta

Piazza Vecchia, ?, Bergamo

The Section "Veneta Age" of the Historical Museum of Bergamo is located at Palazzo del Podesta, in Piazza Vecchia. The building has a long history: built in the...


Biblioteca Angelo Mai - Palazzo Nuovo di Bergamo

Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo

Since its opening, the collection of books has been growing exponentially through donations and acquisitions, to reach the current number of about 700.000 volumes,...

Religious building

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

PIazza Duomo, Bergamo

According to popular tradition, the Basilica was built in 1133 because they protect the people from the plague that was breaking down on Northern Italy. An...

Religious building

Cattedrale di Sant'Alessandro

Piazza Duomo, Bergamo

The history of the Cathedral has been controversial up to 2004, when the remains found under the pavement have dated it back to Roman times. The oldest...

Religious building

Cappella Colleoni

Piazza Duomo, Bergamo

Built between 1470 and 1476 by the will of Bartolomeo Colleoni, as mausoleum for his daughter Medea, the Chapel is dedicated to the Saints Bartholomew, Mark and...


Museo civico di scienze naturali Enrico Caffi

Piazza Cittadella, 10, Bergamo

The exhibition area of the Museum is on the first floor of the Citadel Square, where it are greeted by the reconstruction of a mammoth with his puppy. The specimens...


Civico museo archeologico di Bergamo

Piazza Cittadella, 9, Bergamo

The foundation of the Archaeological Museum of Bergamo dates back to 1561. After several changes of venue and the confluence of several collections (from the...


Orto botanico di Bergamo Lorenzo Rota

Passaggio Torre Di Adalberto, 2, Bergamo

The Botanical Garden was opened in 1972 by the will of Luciano Malanchini and Guido Isnenghi, promoters of the International Alpini Botanical Gardens  (AIGBA). The...


Museo Storico di Bergamo - Ottocento

Piazzale Brigata Legnano, 12, Bergamo

The nineteenth-century Section of the Historical Museum of Bergamo was set up in 2004 within the keep of the Rocca, built during the Venetian rule to accommodate the...


Rocca di Bergamo

Via Alla Rocca, Bergamo

The Rock of Bergamo is in the "high city", on the dominant hill of St. Euphemia. Its construction began in 1331 with William of Castelbarco and continued with the...


Museo storico di Bergamo Novecento

Piazzale Brigata Legnano, ?, Bergamo

The Section "Exhibitions" of the Historical Museum of Bergamo is located in the former Convent of San Francesco, a building of the thirteenth century, fine example...