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Museo civico di scienze naturali Enrico Caffi

Where Piazza Cittadella, 10, Bergamo

The exhibition area of the Museum is on the first floor of the Citadel Square, where it are greeted by the reconstruction of a mammoth with his puppy. The specimens are exposed to the public only minimally, because of the study, the collections are available to scholars and enthusiasts of the natural sciences. The Museum collects thousands of specimens received since 1861, as Royal Technical Institute. Three main collections: "Zoology", with copies of the five classes of vertebrates from around the world, as well as from the Bergamo area, and a collection of arthropods; "Earth Science" includes ornamental stones and minerals; "Paleontology", the main core of the Museum, with exhibits and molds from the territory of Bergamo and from around the world. The QR Codes allow listening to audio-guides directly on your smartphone. The Museum has a teaching offer and participates in cultural events.


Closed on Mondays.

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