Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Sant'Alessandro

Where Piazza Duomo, Bergamo

The history of the Cathedral has been controversial up to 2004, when the remains found under the pavement have dated it back to Roman times. The oldest layer showed the presence of a first early Christian place of worship, dating from the fifth century, which was only hypothesised: in Romanesque style, it was dedicated to St. Vincent and had important dimensions, so its perimeter was equal to that of the current, and was built in the center of the urban planning of the time, distorting the identity. During the excavations, in fact, it was found in good condition the thistle of the city and the walls belonging to villas with mosaics dating to the first century. This indicates the great importance that the Christian community had already at that time. Also surfaced Lombard tombs and frescoes attributed to the Master of the Rock of Angera, who also works in other churches of the city in the second half of the thirteenth century.


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