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Biblioteca Angelo Mai - Palazzo Nuovo di Bergamo

Where Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo

Since its opening, the collection of books has been growing exponentially through donations and acquisitions, to reach the current number of about 700.000 volumes, 11.000 periodicals, approximately 2.150 incunabula, over 12.000 from Sixteenth, a significant number of prints, autographs, manuscripts and photographs that make it one of the most important historical libraries of Italy. The Library is in the New Palace of Bergamo, a work of Vincenzo Scamozzi, with an entrance porch and a facade designed by Andrea Ceresola, "Vannone". The construction of the building began in the early seventeenth century and was completed in 1958, with the inclusion of six statues by Tobias Vescovi on the entablature of the second, fifth and eighth windows of the facade. The facade was designed by Ernesto Pirovano, who has completed, in 1928, the project by Scamozzi. Covered with white marble of Zandobbio, looking elegant and light in its Neoclassical rigor, is part of the Old Square dominated by the Region Palace and Suardi Tower, in a game of composite architectural styles.

Biblioteca Angelo Mai - Palazzo Nuovo di Bergamo c
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