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Mura Venete di Bergamo

Where Via Sotto Mura di Sant'Alessandro, Bergamo

The Walls of Bergamo were built under the Republic of Venice in the sixteenth century, according to the draft Bonaiuto Lorini, an engineer in the service of Venice. The fortification was grafted on the traces of the Roman one, still visible in places. The property is spread over six kilometers, including the so-called "Covered road", a walkway used by the patrols to guard, to a maximum height of fifty meters. The Walls were divided into 14 bastions, 2 platforms, 32 watchtowers, 100 openings for guns, 2 powder and 4 doors: St. Augustine, St. James, St. Alexander and St. Lawrence (now Giuseppe Garibaldi). The system also included military quarters, as the important "Fort of St. Marco", in the north of the "high city". The Walls determined the fortification of the "high city", isolating it from the "lower city". Since the '70s, the Venetian Walls were restored, and they are today a striking panoramic "walk" for tourists. Three of the four input doors are crossed by traffic, especially S. Agostino, the main entrance to the "high city".


Over the weekend the entire perimeter of the Walls is pedestrian.

The visit to the underground is possible by appointment by contacting the caving group "The Nottole".

In May, along the Walls there is the "Soap Box Derby" race of machines wood.

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