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Castello di San Vigilio

Where via al Castello, Bergamo

The Castle is on the hill of St. Vigilio, a great place for sighting already in Roman times, when there was placed a small tower. However, the fort is dated back to the sixth century: at that time it had settled in the area a small church community, which built a small place of worship dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. The size of the shrine was very small, as a chapel. Consequently, the small fortress that had been created during the three previous centuries was called "Chapel's Castle". In 889, Arnulf of Carinthia was decided to conquer it. Among the defenders of the place is signaled the cleric Gotefrido, staunch opponent of the king, as to be killed by the same. The site was then used for military purposes, mainly as a stronghold for defensive purposes and with high strategic importance, so much so that in 1166 the City Council of Bergamo decided to build a castle by the larger size. This was further expanded and strengthened with the arrival of the powerful family of the Visconti, who in 1335 has completed the fortification.


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Castello di San Vigilio c
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