Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Ludovico Ariosto

Where Piazza della Libertà, Scandiano (Reggio Emilia)

In the old Theater of Filodrammatici, abandoned by the public and orchestral engaged since 1857 in the Municipal, were held puppet shows for two years. Towards 1859, it required a restoration, so the City decided to sell the old stable. About twenty years later, "thanks to the initiative of some and to the generosity of others, was built Politeama Ariosto" (Crocioni 1907, p. 112). The theater was built semicircular with one theory of stages to the second order, while the first and third order of the galleries were built slightly sloping. A structure of slender columns machined cast iron was to give the building a certain aspect of modernity. The audience was equipped with a mechanism that allowed to raise the floor to the stage designed specifically for horse shows that had become all the rage. The basement of the theater was equipped to host performances by jugglers, in fact, the building had to be a building intended for various types of show (then "Politeama") lyric, dramatic, choreographic and equestrian. The first major restoration was started in 1927, when was built the orchestra pit, the audience and new dressing rooms on the north side of the service. It was also called the painter Anselmo Govi to decorate the renovated theater with few episodes from the "Orlando Furioso". Currently, in theater are preserved some machines scene in fairly good condition. The old eighteenth-century theater was not completely broken down: still preserved the porch along the present Via Cairoli and the lower area with arches (now walled unfortunately) in today's facade. With the passage of the structure to the public administration, in 1981, the Theater which was also used as a cinema has started to carry out regular programming with plays and concerts of classical and contemporary music. The restoration was planned in such a way as not to require that the minimum adjustments keeping public spending within reasonable limits and preserving as much as possible the typological characteristics, without closing indefinitely theater. Today, the quadrangular atrium is decorated with four Doric columns painted faux marble with three access doors with Venetian floor and ceiling decoration in very simple. To the right of the enter there is the wardrobe, in a wall that keeps a bust of Mary Melato. The atrium above the entrance to the hall presents a richly decorated ceiling of Art Nouveau touch with putti, fauns, cupids and leopards. The floor is in marmorina, with decorative perimeter.

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