Luogo - Park

Parco del Mauriziano

Where Viale del Mauriziano, Reggio nell'Emilia (Reggio Emilia)

St. Maurice is a fraction of Reggio Emilia. In Roman times, near the present town, it stood the necropolis of Regium Lepidi. Since 1217, St. Maurice became the seat of the great Fair of Reggio. Among the main points of interest, St. Maurice's Church (1059), the facade of which is embedded a cannonball, remember the battle between Napoleon's troops and Austrian (1814); and the Park of the Mauritian, residence of Ludovico Ariosto during his governorship. The fifteenth Villa is accessed along a long avenue of poplars and cypress entrance. Inside, particularly interesting are the Poet's Room, the Orazi and Curiazi's Room and the Ariosto's Room, with some precious frescoes of the XVI century.

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