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Museo diocesano di Reggio nell'Emilia

Where Via Vittorio Veneto, 6, Reggio nell'Emilia (Reggio Emilia)

In the Episcopal Palace of Reggio - attested from the twelfth century, enlarged in the fifteenth and sixteenth, and amended in the seventeenth century by the architect Bartolomeo Avanzini - are collected valuable works of art, partly owned by the Curia and in part from churches suppressed. The exhibition is developed through a historical journey aimed to present the ecclesiastical structures that characterized the diocesan territory in the early Middle Ages: the cathedral, the churches and monasteries. On display are works dating from the fourth to the sixteenth century: glass, metal, textiles, sculptures, paintings (frescoes, tables), ceramics, archival documents with wax seals. The rooms on the second floor of the building contain altarpieces of painters operating in theterritory between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, wooden furnishings and collections and donations received in time to the Museum (collections Don Cesare Salami and Don Archimedes Faults). Among the exhibits, of particular interest are the series of capitals (sec. XII) of the ancient parish church of S. Vitale of Carpineti, numerous stone elements of ancient plebeian churches, frescoes with the Christ Pantocrator (sec. XIII) from the facade of the cathedral, marble slab with traces of polychrome depicting Christ in almond with the symbols of the Evangelists, formerly part of the old pulpit of the cathedral (sec. XII), a "pathetic" wooden Crucifix (sec. XV), a Crucifixion by Bartolomeo and Jacopino da Reggio (sec. XIV), a painting on wood of Bernardino Orsi (1501), a fine silver peace of G.B.Campi, said "The Bombarda" (sec. XVI), the chasuble of St. Charles Borromeo (sec. XVI), along with liturgical objects and historical documents, including a scroll with the "signature" of Matilda of Canossa and an anthology of episcopal seals (buckets. XIII - XVI). Of particular interest is the rare Liber Figurarum (sec. XIII) of Joachim of Fiore. Among the performing artists of altarpieces (XVII-XIX century) include: Palma the Younger, Paolo Piazza, Andrea Celesti, Orazio Talami, Aureliano Milani, Prospero Minghetti.

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