Museo del Bisso di Chiara Vigo

via regina margherita , Sant'Antioco (Sud Sardegna)

Civico Musea Archeologico "Giovanni Marongiu"

VIA THARROS, SNC, Cabras (Oristano)

Bastione di Saint Remy

Piazza Costituzione, Cagliari

The Bastion of St. Remy is one of the most important fortifications of Cagliari, situated in the Castello district. The name comes from the first Viceroy,...

Palazzo Boyl

Via Mario de Candia, Cagliari

Boyl Palace is one of the most important buildings of the historic center of Cagliari. Built in 1840 by Carlo Pilo Boyl, Marquis of Putifigari, at the end of '800...

Torre del Leone o dell'Aquila

Via Mario de Candia, Cagliari

The Eagle Tower (or Lion Toweer) is one of the towers built by Pisan during the fourteenth century in the current Castle District, in Cagliari. The Tower was...

Palazzo Reale

Piazza Palazzo, 1, Cagliari

The Royal Palace of Cagliari was the former residence of the kings during the Aragonese, Spanish and Savoy domination. It currently houses the Prefecture and the...

Torre dell'Elefante

Via Santa Croce, Cagliari

The Medieval Elephant Tower is the second highest of Cagliari, one of the most important monuments of the city, after the St. Pancrazio Tower. It served as a defense...

Torre dello Sperone

Via Ospedale, 1, Cagliari

The Spur Tower (or Alberti Tower), is a Medieval tower representing the ancient city walls built by the Pisans in the XIII century. The building, crossed the base by...

Palazzo delle Seziate

Piazza Indipendenza , 7, Cagliari

The name of the building comes from the "sessions" during which the Spanish viceroys listened to the complaints and petitions of inmates in prisons located adjacent...

Museo Etnografico Regionale Collezione Luigi Cocco

Piazza Arsenale, 1, Cagliari

The regional collection Luigi Cocco is made up of about two thousand objects related to popular culture of Sardinia, dating mostly from the second half of the...

Museo Civico d'Arte Siamese Stefano Cardu

Piazza Arsenale, 1, Cagliari

It is located in the historic center of the city, within the Citadel of Museums, which houses a number of other museums. On display there are works of art of...

Basilica di San Saturnino

Piazza San Cosimo, Cagliari

  Dedicated to the patron saint of Cagliari, the Basilica di San Saturno is in the area of the most ancient Christian necropolis of Cagliari, one of the most...