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Punta Secca

Where Via John Kennedy, 8, Santa Croce Camerina (Ragusa)

Punta Secca is a small fishing village, in Santa Croce Camerina in the province of Ragusa. The village, together with the nearby Punta Braccetto, already existed in ancient times and was occupied by the Byzantines, Arabs and Normans, but it owes its recent popularity to the fact that here was set one of the movie sets of the hit television series "Inspector Montalbano". The Salvo Montalbano's home is in fact situated in a house in the village square. The lighthouse at Punta Secca, wanted by the Bourbon government and designed in 1857 by Nicholas Diliberto D'Anna, was built in 1858-59 and is 35 meters high. Consisting of the tower and it is also attached to a single-storey building of the Navy.

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