Historical building

Torre Normanna

Via Nelson Iacovini, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

A monument inextricably linked to Guiscardian ambition. It is here, upon disobeying his brother in law, Drogo, and abandoning his initial settlement of Scribla, the...

Archaeological Area

Abbazia di Santa Maria de La Matina

SP270, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

It is 31st March 1065. In the presence of Duke Robert, his second wife - Sikelgaita of Salerno - and a few religious exponents, the abbey church of S. Maria de La...

Point of interest

Fontana di Santo Marco (detta di Sichelgaita)

San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

It was modified over the centuries on a number of occasions, but today presents its sixteenth century appearance. The waterway and part of the frontal sculptural...

Religious building

Cattedrale di San Nicola (Duomo)

Piazza Duomo, 7, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

This imposing structure keeps vigil on the valley and the ancient route along the river Fullone. The Cathedral Church - the most important place of worship in the...


Museo Civico Mario Morelli

Via Roma, 1, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

It was founded following the donation by Sir Mario Morelli of art works to the city. It is located inside Palazzo S. Chiara and is also home to the municipal...

Religious building

Cripta Normanna e Domus Ducis

Piazza Duomo, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

For centuries it remained concealed from mankind, only to be rediscovered during reconstruction works on the Cathedral which collapsed in the 30s. It constitutes a...


Seminario Vescovile

Via San Francesco, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

The original structure was located near the Cathedral Church, at the foot of the Motta (characteristic promontory located in the oldest part of the Guiscard town), a...

Religious building

Chiesa di Santo Marco

Via XX Settembre, 47, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

Legend has it during the early 18th century this temple dedicated to the patron saint was erected on the site of the meeting between the Evangelist and the...


Museo Diocesano

Piazza Vincenzo Selvaggi, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

A church (since deconsecrated) is located in San Giovanni degli Amalfitani, mentioned in documents since the age of Duke Robert. It indicates the presence of Amalfi...

Religious building

Cappella La Benedetta

Via San Francesco, 14, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

Francis of Paola entered the La Riforma convent at the tender age of thirteen, to fulfil his parents' vows, pronounced when the young boy had fallen seriously ill. It...

Religious building

Chiesa e Convento de La Riforma

Via San Francesco, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

The convent complex is one of the oldest examples of Franciscan architecture (its construction, in the 13th century, is attributed to Peter Cathrin, a disciple of...

Point of interest

Mulino di Mezzo (antichi mulini idraulici)

Frazione San Lauro, 14, San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

The river Fullone and neighbouring streams have influenced this territory from time immemorial. The valley was probably first inhabited back in ancient times, as...