Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa e Convento de La Riforma

Where Via San Francesco, San Marco Argentano (Cosenza)

The convent complex is one of the oldest examples of Franciscan architecture (its construction, in the 13th century, is attributed to Peter Cathrin, a disciple of Francis of Assisi) and immediately assumed an important role in the area. In 1429 the young Francis of Paola, destined to illuminate Christianity, lodged here. During his year in service, mystic attitudes and supernatural manifestations emerged and accompanied him for the rest of his life. Over time it underwent several transformations (the most evident of which consists of the baroque renovation of the church in the 18th century), although the building conserves significant testimonies of its original architecture and, above all, remarkable works and paintings including an ancient fresco of St. Anthony of Padua (which popular tradition has attributed with miraculous powers) and the majestic inlaid lectern from 1554. This valuable heritage also features remarkable paintings by Pietro Negroni, illustrious citizen from the city of Guiscard: the daring depiction of St. Paul, painted with two left feet, provides incredible proof of the artist's pictorial qualities, indeed he came to be renowned as a central figure of Italian Mannerism.

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