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Centro Sci di Fondo Carlomagno

Where Unnamed Road, San Giovanni in Fiore (Cosenza)

Located at about 1500 meters s.l.m., Fondo Centro Carlomagno is a cross-country skiing complex in the town of San Giovanni in Fiore, within Sila National Park. It is Calabria's largest base complex and one of the largest in the center-south. Today you can enjoy a mountain shelter offering refreshment, ski, snowshoes and other snow-removal equipment can be rented. Carlomagno Center hosts two important events: "Inter-Apennine Criterium", national event that has taken place for five years now; Sila crossing with sled dogs for the practice of the sleddog, which takes place every year using Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed, Akita Inu and Greenland. The centre hosted agonistic preparation of Giampiero Sabella, national and world champion of sleddog.

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