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Olevano sul Tusciano

Where Olevano sul Tusciano (Salerno)

Olevano sul Tusciano is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy. Monuments Civil architecture Villa romana di S. Maria a Corte. Castrum Olibani - Longobard castle. Pope gardens in Salitto Churches, religious buildings and structures St.Michael Cave St. Vincenzo prison Convent of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli: 16th century, made by Domenicani. Curtis di Santa Maria a Corte. Church of S. Maria a Corte (1600). Church of San Leone Magno (1700). Church of Santa Lucia (1700). Coven of Santa Regina in Monticello village (1470). Chapel of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Monticelli (1746). Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Monticelli (1967). Coven of San Giacomo in Ariano (1400). Coven of San Rocco in Ariano (1889). Chapel of San Rocco (rests) near Tusciano river. Chapel of Madonna della Neve (1500). Coven of Santa Maria del Soccorso in Salitto (1515). Chapel of Maria Santissima del Rosario in Salitto (968). Chapel of Madonna delle Grazie in Salitto (1500). Grotta di Nardantuono: part of St. Michael's cave. Legend has it that the cave was the shelter of Nardantuono bands of brigands led by Antonio di Nardo, the robber Nardantuono century. UNESCO St.Michel Cave ( knowed like Grotta di San Michele ) is in vision at Unesco. Twin towns Wilmington, Delaware, United States Past administration References

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