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Modena is known for Balsamic Vinegar, Opera and Ferrari and Lamborghini sports cars. Enzo Ferrari Museum exhibits on the life and work of the founder of the automaker in his childhood home, as well as famous models. In the 18th-century Palazzo dei Musei, there is Galleria Estense, with works by Tintoretto and Correggio, as well as a bust of Bernini. Cathedral, Civic Tower and Piazza Grande have been included in the list of Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997. The main theatrical performances are hosted at Teatro Comunale "Luciano Pavarotti", one of the illustrious sons of the city. As the ancient capital of Estensi domains (Duchy of Modena), the city's cuisine has definitely influenced the development of the entire Reggio area cuisine: the best known case is that of balsamic vinegar, which spread beyond a narrow circle of aristocratic families had with the dispersion and sale of ducal acetaia during Napoleonic occupations. The aspect of Modenese character is well represented by the mask of the city, Sandrone, and it is certainly not a coincidence that among many traditional events Carnival is the one that maintains the greatest visibility.

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