Luogo - Museum

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari

Where Via Paolo Ferrari, 85, Modena

The museum complex, which occupies an area of over 5000 square meters, is named by the great driver and manufacturer Enzo Ferrari. The final design provided for the restoration of the house in which Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 and where his father Alfredo had the machine shop, and the realization of the imposing "hood" yellow aluminum, a prestigious work of contemporary architecture signed by Jan Kaplicky and Andrea Morgante for interior design and art direction. This futuristic building, which celebrates its shape with the motoring world, hosts the exhibition gallery where it can admire the stars of the display, the sports cars. With an exhibition mode renewable are celebrated brands that have made the history of Italian sports production: Ferrari, Maserati, Scaglietti, Alfa Romeo, De Tomasi, Stanguellini and other prestigious brands. Around this large exhibition space opens a series of rooms that house the documentation center, the conference room, the room cinema and various services including the bookshop and café. The layout of the ancient birthplace proposes, instead, to the visitor a multimedia tour that revisits the most significant events in the life of Enzo Ferrari, as a man, pilot and builder, through the use of pictures, memorabilia and unreleased films.



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