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Museo muratoriano

Where Via Pomposa, 1, Modena

The rectory of St. Mary of Pomposa, which Ludovico Antonio Muratori (1672-1750) librarian archivist of the Dukes of Este and one of the main protagonists of Italian historiography was pastor from 1716, forms the center of the museum. The entire block forms the so-called Aedes Muratoriana, which includes the church in which Ludovico Pogliaghi performed the monumental tomb of the Modena scholar. While the remaining areas of the building housing the Deputation of National History for Ancient Provinces of Modena, the private apartment of Muratori was reserved for a museum path. The tour opens with the eighteenth-century library, in which are preserved all muratoriane editions, some autographs, a collection of minted medals in honor of the historic and rich correspondence that he had with other important people of his time, as philosophers and scientists like Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz Wihelm. In addition to furniture and personal items, in the study are posted some of his portraits, while the small adjacent rooms documenting their priestly activity and illustrate, with views, places his story.

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