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Museo storico dell’accademia militare

Where Piazza Roma, 15, Modena

In the apartments of the Ducal Palace, the seat of the Military in 1862, is placed the museum dedicated to the memory of the officers of the military academies dead in the wars. Founded in 1905, the museum has recently reopened after a careful and thorough reorganization. In the rooms follow each other memorabilia and memories of the disappeared during the military uprisings, colonial wars and in the two world wars, along with documents there are other relating to the history of the Academy, from 1863 to the present day. In the museum are also some historical uniforms, a collection of sketches and models and two military tricolor, one donated in 1849 by Carlo Alberto to the Military Academy of Turin; the other, in 1891, belonging to the Academy of Infantry and Cavalry. The exhibition ends with a solemn "Golden Camera", where are preserved the portraits of about five hundred officers awarded the gold medal for military valor and the "Temple of Glory", an evocative environment oval embellished columns, which serves as a shrine of the fallen of the first World War.

Modena, Museo Storico dell'Accademia Militare c
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