Historical building

Palazzo Campagna-Del Gaudio

Vicolo II Roma, 12, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

Del Gaudio-Campagna Palce, located in ancient Pilacco district, dates back to 1774 (although some studies identify it as one of the oldest castles in Mendicino)....

Religious building

Chiesa Matrice di San Nicola (Duomo)

Via San Caterina, 1-2, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

It is believed that Cathedral dates back to Norman period, although the date of the church is uncertain, and the structure had several changes. The facade, pink...

Religious building

Chiesa di San Sebastiano

Via San Caterina, 1, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

The building probably dates back to 1579, as attested by date inscribed on a stone. In the past it was home to important religious brotherhood. The interior, a...


Biblioteca Comunale Pier Paolo Pasolini

Via Ottavio Greco, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

Mendicino Public Library, named "Pier Paolo Pasolini", was inaugurated on April 16, 2016, at the presence of director Gianfranco Angelucci, with the screening of...


Teatro Comunale di Mendicino

Viale Omero, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

Mendicino Theatre has been qualified and inaugurated on March 11, 2016, with technical and artistic advice by Company "Porta Cenere" of Cosenza, who oversaw the...

Historical building

Torre dell'Orologio

Vico II Cavour, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

Clock Tower is a tower with battlements and watches on each side, which stands in the old Castle district. The Tower can be reached by a long stairway of 132 steps...

Point of interest

Anfiteatro San Giuseppe

Vico II Mariano Campagna, 7, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

St. Joseph's Amphitheater is the outdoor space of Mendicino intended to events and shows. It has a simple, modern structure, made by staircases that can accommodate...


Museo Dinamico della Seta

SP81, 41, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

Dynamic Museum of Silk in Mendicino, opened in December 2015, was created to protect and disseminate a wealth of centuries-old practices and knowledge related to...


Antica Filanda Gaudio

Corso Umberto, 63, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

Valuable element of industrial archaeology in which are exposed equipment, tools, old photographs and artifacts related to the production and processing of raw silk,...

Religious building

Santuario di Santa Maria dell'Accoglienza - Tappa giubilare 2016

Via Don Eugenio Parise, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

According to written and archaeological records, the first Christian settlement on the site of the Sanctuary dates back to the VI-VII century. Inhabited by...

Point of interest

Parco Fluviale

via dei giardini, 13, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

River Park of Mendicino is a major point of natural and rural interest. The valley that runs along the course of Caronte river, close to the town center, has recently...

Point of interest

Casellone Forestale - Faggeta Storica

Unnamed Road, Mendicino, (Cosenza)

At the foot Cocuzzo Mount, at about 1194 meters above sea level, nestled in the heart of historical beechwood easily accessible by car, it is the largest facility...