Luogo - Point of interest

Parco Fluviale

Where via dei giardini, 13, Mendicino (Cosenza)

River Park of Mendicino is a major point of natural and rural interest. The valley that runs along the course of Caronte river, close to the town center, has recently been upgraded, enhanced and made accessible through a path equipped with rest areas, dining and panoramic terraces, which winds along the course and allows you to admire the waterfalls and ancient rural buildings related to the exploitation of water resources (mills and crusher). Some areas of Park are also used as Botanical Garden, planted and equipped with explanatory panels. The pleasant path, which has on background ancient district Castle and Cathedral, ends with a visit to ancient Filanda Gaudio, in which you can observe authentic working tools related to traditional activities of sericulture, and charming Dynamic Silk Museum, which opened in December 2015. River Park is inserted harmoniously into urban context of historical center and it represents a unique blend of nature, art, culture and tradition.

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