Luogo - Religious building

Santuario di Santa Maria dell'Accoglienza - Tappa giubilare 2016

Where Via Don Eugenio Parise, Mendicino (Cosenza)

According to written and archaeological records, the first Christian settlement on the site of the Sanctuary dates back to the VI-VII century. Inhabited by Florensis monks, it was also known as "Santa Maria of the Martyrs Sanctuary" (or "Fontanella") outside the walls, on the Mendicino hill. The Church was built between the late '800 and early '900, designed by the priest Don Salvatore Castriota: a single nave, a Latin cross, is covered with barrel ceiling. The facade, in Gothic style, is made entirely by "Mendicino" stone, on it stand out a polychrome mosaic depicting Christ Pantocrator, and a rose window. The entrance door (replaced, for protection) consists of bronze panels depicting scenes from the Santa Maria Assunta's Passion. Inside, it houses a precious image of the Virgin of the Assumption and, in the apse wall, a stone statue of Our Lady of Schiavonea and two frescoes depicting St. Matthew and St. Mark.

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