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Belmonte Calabro

Where Belmonte Calabro (Cosenza)

The village, situated in panoramic position on a hill overlooking a vast stretch of Tyrrhenian Sea, was founded by Angevins in the second half of the 13th century. Belmonte was born essentially from a fortified complex represented by its Castle and the subsequent expansion of the wall circle. Castle, built around 1271, is of considerable size and is located in a strategic location. Its environments today host a cultural center, Civic Library and Museum of Rural Civilization. Among the religious buildings, Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta and Church and former Convent of Cappuccini. A walk through historic center allows you to admire many noble palaces, including Pignatelli Palace. Rivellino Palace with its remarkable inner courtyard and an underground passage that is open outdoors, is located in beautiful Marina of Belmonte, frequented belnaear center of the upper Tyrrhenian coast, in Regional Marine Park of "Isca Rocks".


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