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Grotte della Poesia - Roca Vecchia

Where Località Roca Vecchia, SP366, 37, Melendugno (Lecce)

Old Roca is one of the Melendugno's marines, in the province of Lecce. The site is an important tourist center also known for the watchtower century, the ruins of the castle overlooking the sea, the shrine of Our Lady of Roca (seventeenth century) and the two "Poetry Caves" (from greek, "sweet Water Spring"), which are about 60 meters apart. They are open caves in which is the sea water, comes through a channel walking or swimming with a small boat. The larger of the two has an elliptical plant, while the so-called "Small Poetry" is separated from the open sea. The archaeological importance of the site is linked to the discovery, in 1983, of Messapian inscriptions on the cliffs, from which it can identify a place as worship of the god Taotor.

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