Luogo - Castle

Castello e Cittadella di Acaya

Where Largo San Paolo, 1, Vernole (Lecce)

Acaya Castle, is just a few kilometers from Adriatic coast of Salento, not far from Lecce and Vernole, including Acaya is a fraction. Castle stands on the site of small Medieval settlement of Segine. The sixteenth-century fortress followed the dictates of the time as part of the star fort. The building in fact looks like a quadrilateral whose vertices are grafted the ramparts, low and robust form, suitable to the defense/attack against firearms. All bastions possess gunboats. The plant is by military architect Gian Giacomo of on behalf of Charles V. This fortress is among the most innovative and better cared for around the sixteenth century Vice Kingdom of Naples. During recent restructuring has surfaced the traces of a building from Middle Ages later revealed a small Byzantine church, and under it some burials. During the restoration work has also found a fresco depicting Dormition of Virgin dating from the second half of the fourteenth century. In 2008 it was chosen as seat of Mediterranean Forum for Peace.

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