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Laghi Alimini

Where laghi alimini , Otranto (Lecce)

They are one of the most precious natural places in Salento, with an ecosystem that hosts various animal and plant species. Alimini Grande has been generated by continuous erosion of the sea, and extends in length by about 2.5 km and a depth of about 4 meters; Alimini Piccolo is generated by numerous sources of fresh water, and is also called "Fontanelle". The vegetation around the two water basins is very rich and you can admire various species of plants and numerous animals, including coots and moriglioni. Among the major places of merit of Oasis of Alimini Lakes, it is worth noting Turks Bay, wild and unspoiled, reachable only on foot, a place where, according to legend, Turkish warriors would have landed in Battle of Otranto of XVth century.

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