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Museo d'arte contemporanea di Luzzana - Donazione Meli

Where Via Castello, 73, Luzzana (Bergamo)

The museum has been created inside the Giovanelli Castle integral part of the medieval village, built at the end of the 16th century. The Contemporary Art Museum, exhibits more than 220 works donated by master Alberto Meli, sculptor, and his wife, Ester Gaini Meli, painter. The museum desires to pay tribute to the artists, who, with their works, have shown a sincere attachment to their childhood traditions and a deep cultural sensibility. The visit goes through 10 showrooms, one of which devoted to the picture-gallery, with Ester Gaini Meli's paintings, while the remaining showrooms are dedicated to the exhibition of Alberto Meli's sculpture works and sketches and also of a few famous representatives of the 19th century artistic "avant-garde" (Jean Hans Arp, Hans Richter, Jakob Probst). Our Offers: - guided visits - artistic workshops for schools - painting and sculpture courses - Cavallina valley tours.

Luzzana, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Luzzana - Donazione Meli c
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