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Museo della seta, della canapa e del lino Pozzobon Marta in Girotto

Where Via Nigoline, 40, Adro (Brescia)
The Marta Pozzebon in Girotto Museum was born from the passion of a monk, Father Mansueto Girotto. In the 70s he carried out a journey through the memory of traditional jobs of the farms of Lombardy and Veneto. The attention is mainly focused on silkworm processing which marked the economy of many farming families until the late '60s. A job involving women and children, who literally put their house at the disposal of these valuable guests for two months every year. The museum runs through all the different stages of processing: from the maturation of eggs in handmade incubators to the collection and shredding of mulberry leaves to feed the larvae, to the setting up of a canopy to house the "sleeping" and "dumb" maggots, to heather and willow branches where the precious insects begin to spin the cocoon. Here the work of nature combines with culture: the cocoons are collected, cleaned, treated to prevent their metamorphosis; the fray of the cocoon is carried out to get the skein, as well as the weaving, and many handmade items are displayed.
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