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Museo agricolo e del vino Ricci Curbastro

Where Via Adro, 37, Capriolo (Brescia)

The Farming and Wine Museum is the result of over thirty years of research by Gualberto Ricci Curbastro, the founder of the wine company of the same name. Opened in July 1986 and steadily expanded over the years, the museum current presents an abundant collection of objects used in the past by farm labouring families to cultivate the fields, the vineyards and produce wine, as well as objects from the home. There are currently around 3,000 objects on display, divided into four themed rooms: the "wine room" dedicated to vines, wine and barrel making; the "veterinary room" located in the old stables, containing equipment to work the land, veterinary and animal care; "the old hayshed" hosts tools for craft activities such as spinning, weaving and carpentry, as well as a series of tools once used in the kitchen; the fourth room, also used for conferences, art exhibitions and chamber music concerts displays numerous tools used in sheep and dairy farming, vine analysis, the breeding of silkworms, spinning and old toys. The library offers over two thousand volumes on the history of our farming.

Museo Agricolo e del Vino Ricci Curbastro c
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