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Museo etnografico Valle del Lujo

Where Via Oprando Abate, 5, Albino (Bergamo)
The Ethnographic Museum of the Valle del Lujo was established in 1995 by the Cultural Group "Amici di Casale," in collaboration with the City of Albino and the support of the Montana Community Seriana Valley, with the clear objective to reconstruct the history and traditions Casale and, more generally, the Valle del Lujo. The museum is unique in the area for its specificity, has two objectives: first, return to the public a historical and cultural heritage essential to the preservation of historical memory, the other, highlight tools, materials, documents and objects of everyday life, putting them in socio-economic context in which they were produced and used. The Cultural Group "Amici di Casale" was born in the 80's, but since 1995 that a statute and a legal form. The museum was all 'inside of the section as a cultural group and as Director Tiziano Piazza, is located in rooms owned by the parish for an area of 70 square meters. Type and amount of material. The inventiveness and human capacity to adapt to this environment are manifested in the tools and objects of the various activities of the peasant and the artisan, then present on the territory of the Valle del Lujo. Thus, space instruments of land, pasture, the cultivation, livestock and forest. And attention to the work of miners, coal miners, and artisans, like the blacksmith, the carpenter, the shoemaker. A section, then, is dedicated to the rural house and the various household furnishings that represent the life of a distant past. A library with a specialized nature and valleys, including written documents, photographs, maps, a file of bibliographic records for the preservation of oral culture, and audio-visual equipment, complete the many testimonies of a life and a rural culture that are slowly disappearing. A corner, finally, concerns the traditional chestnut, so important to Casale in Valle del Lujo: these books, brochures, postcards on the chestnut, audiovisual recordings, equipment for the collection and also different types of chestnuts. They are names of objects typical of the Valle del Lujo that you can see the Ethnographic Museum of the Valley of Lujo at the Social Centre at Casale, and a new purpose: not only keep alive the traditions and knowledge of the tools of our daily "grandparents" but to become a center specifically on fruit (apples, pears, plums, etc. ..) and especially on chestnut.
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