Luogo - Museum

Musil - Museo del ferro - La Fucina di San Bartolomeo

Where Via del Manestro, 117, Brescia

The MUSIL was born by the Foundation "Luigi Micheletti", since the eighties, through the recovery of a strategically industrial complex of the twentieth century in Brescia, an area of over 16.000 square meters. This is the first Italian museum dedicated to the phenomenon of the industrialization from a social point of view. To date, the deposits of the Museum housed over 2.000 pieces of machinery, equipment and various items of industrial civilization: all artifacts from film and television, engineering, textile, tanning, printing, plus some important relics of the Italian industry. Remarkable is also the heritage of movable pre-industrial (1.000 exhibits) from the Museum of the Iron "Bresciana Fondation of Civilization". The material is inventoried, photographed and is available on computer.

Brescia, Museo del Ferro - la Fucina di San Bartolomeo c
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