Museo Storico della Salina di Lungro

Piazza D'Azelio, Lungro, (Cosenza)

Opened in 2010, the Historical Museum of the Salt Mine is divided into nine rooms, each of which is entitled to a gallery of mine. The Museum exposes in detail the...


Museo Diocesano

Corso Skanderbeg, 54, Lungro, (Cosenza)

The Diocesan Museum, currently under construction, has a number of works from the Duomo and the churches in the area: religious silverware, paintings and liturgical...

Point of interest

Ex Miniera San Leonardo

Miniera di San Leonardo, Lungro, (Cosenza)

Historic Salt Mine which is a part of the most important mines in Europe. It was known by the Greek colonies of Sibari and Thurij and then by the Romans of Copia....

Religious building

Cattedrale di San Nicola di Mira

SP263, 10, Lungro, (Cosenza)

St. Nicholas of Myra's Cathedral (Qisha and Shën Kollit) dates back to the eighteenth century and is the main church of the Eparchy of Lungro. The current building...

Point of interest

Centro Storico

Lungro, (Cosenza)

The town is built around two central sloping squares. Strongly characterized by buildings of popular roots and small chapels, the old town, with its narrow streets,...