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Where Lungro (Cosenza)

The town is built around two central sloping squares. Strongly characterized by buildings of popular roots and small chapels, the old town, with its narrow streets, it presents distinct architectural typologies for "gjitonia" (neighborhoods), portals with Medieval and ancient palaces. Each gjitonia is a real social group, with its own rules, in which you can travel historical itineraries. In addition, dry typical religious and civil architectural emergencies, the country also retains several structures of industrial archeology, and various expressions related to thesymbolic "protection",  as the shrines (St. Leonard and St. Elias, placed along the streets of the same name). As in most arbëreshë countries, Lungro also exhibited in the main square the bust of the patriot Giorgio Castriota Skanderbeg.

* A. De Marco Ambrogio, Lungro profilo geografico, storico, religioso, economico, politico, sociale. Fatti, personaggi, immagini, ricordi.
* Mattanò Vincenzo Maria, Il centro antico di Lungro. Un raro documento di rigore tipologico e di sofisticata strategia insediativa.
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