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Where piazza Col di Lana, 12, Lubriano (Viterbo)
The museum and the associated “Percorso delle acque, dei fiori, dei frutti e delle erbe mangerecce” (Path of waters, flowers, fruits, and edible herbs) saw the light thanks to an initiative of the Municipality of Lubriano, with the main objective of preserving and emphasising century-old traditions linked to harvests and use of herbs and fruits. Together with outreach and educational activities, the Museum offers itself as a territorial point of reference for the development of scientific research projects in the botanic, faunal and hydrobiological fields. From Lubriano it is possible to have a wide panoramic view of the entire Calanchi Valley which is very picturesque and particularly interesting from a landscape, floral and faunal point of view. From time immemorial, it has been an ideal place for agriculture development, with a special microclimate due to shelter from the cold north winds, and the availability of water from several sources. This has given rise to a dense network of roads connecting with the neighbouring residential areas. The rural road system, the mild spring temperatures, the numerous spontaneous blossoms, and the peculiar shapes of the gullies that characterise and change the surrounding scenery make the entire valley a fascinating site for excursions that is as appealing as it is unknown to many and, therefore, remains to be discovered.
Museo naturalistico c
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