Luogo - Monument

Fontana Luminosa

Where Piazza Battaglione degli Alpini, L'Aquila

It was built in 1934 by the sculptor Nicola D'Antino at the end of a long and demanding urban planning project of the city. It has undergone numerous restorations, the last after the earthquake of 2009 from which, however, the fountain has not suffered serious damage. It returned to public in December 2016. The fountain is characterized by two female bronze nudes supporting characteristic basin of Abruzzo, placed on a circular basin, raised by steps. It is located in historical center of the city and takes its name from the suggestive play of lights on the water that comes alive at night. The square and the fountain are a meeting point for the inhabitants, particularly for the view that can be enjoyed from the fountain towards Gran Sasso.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY-SA Di Ra Boe / Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 de, c
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