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Chiesa di San Pietro a Coppito

Where Via San Pietro a Coppito, 14, L'Aquila

It got its name from the old Poppleto, current fraction of Coppito, one of the castles that contributed to the founding of L'Aquila. It is considered one of the most important churches of the city, and extends its name to the historic district in which it is located. Built in the second half of the thirteenth century, in the course of its history has been repeatedly damaged by earthquakes and rebuilt in different architectural styles, until the restoration of 1971, which brought it back to its original form. In 2009 the Church was badly damaged by a new violent earthquake, suffering the collapse of the top of the facade, the apse and the bell tower. The facade, covered in white stone, is divided horizontally and vertically by pilasters and cornice. The portal, rich motifs in bas-relief, is flanked by two marble lions in Roman times. Of particular interest is the Gothic portal of Burgundian style on the left side. In 2014 the facade was rebuilt. The structure appears to nave with a wooden roof, punctuated by round arches and large transept. Inside there are fragments of fourteenth and fifteenth century frescoes, wall paintings, a statue of St. Peter enthroned and an interesting series with the "Legend of St. George", in ancient dialect. Of particular interest is the fresco of St. Louis King, in the apse of the left and attributed to Antonio Cavaretto.

San Pietro a Coppito c
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