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Chiesa di San Silvestro

Where Via San Silvestro, L'Aquila

Church of San Silvestro owes its realization to the inhabitants of Castle Collebrincioni, who thus contributed to the foundation of the city in the thirteenth century. Between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries it was influenced by Branconio family, who valued it with works by Francesco da Montereale, Raffaello and Giulio Cesare Bedeschini. In 1902 it was declared "National Monument"; damaged by the earthquake of 2009, it is currently unusable. The restoration of the facade was completed in 2014, while actual reconstruction of the building started in 2016. The church is crowned by homonymous square characterized by the presence of numerous Branconio residences. The facade, preceded by a stairway, is dated 1350 and is covered in white and red stone, horizontally divided by a string course and characterized by Romanesque portal with a lunette depicting Agnus Dei and a Gothic rose window. On the side of the main nave, the bell tower dating back to the late nineteenth century. On the inside walls there are fragments of fourteenth and fifteenth century frescoes attributed to late Gothic painter known as Maestro di Beffi. At the end of the left aisle is the sixteenth-century Cappella Branconio, once embellished by Raphael's Visitation, commissioned in 1517 by Giovan Battista Branconio, now on display at Museo del Prado in Madrid.

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