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Anfiteatro Romano di Amiternum

Where Via Amiternum, L'Aquila

Amiternum Roman Amphitheater was the main amphitheater of ancient Sabine city of Amiternum, whose archaeological remains are located near the town of San Vittorino, in the territory of L'Aquila. Declared "National Monument" in 1902, go back to the first century AC. The cavea has diameters of 68 and 53 meters; the arches are 48 and supported the steps, now virtually disappeared, originally arranged on two floors and covered in brick. It is estimated that total capacity was 6000 spectators. The entrance to the arena takes place from the entrance located on the major east-west axis, called "Porta Triumphalis". The cavea remained in sight, but the entire structure came to light only with archaeological excavations of 1880. Other excavations, carried out in the second half of the twentieth century, have brought to light the ruins of a late Roman domus, of which the plant is still visible today, articulated on a porticoed central courtyard, with an entrance hall (atrium), a room for collecting rainwater (impluvium) and a representation hall (tablinium), all rooms rich in mosaics and frescos. Today the site is part of a vast archaeological area including Roman Theater and Catacombs of San Vittorino.

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