Luogo - Museum

Museo della Ceramica

Where Castello Episcopio, Largo Maria Immacolata, Grottaglie (Taranto)
The Museum, testifies the artistic and historical evolution of ceramic art, "for centuries leading the sector of life and commerce of this city". The Museum was born on 22nd December 1999 finding a place in Bishop’s Castle, owned by the Diocese of Taranto, on loan to the City of Grottaglie. Last built in the 14th century by the Archbishop Giacomo D’Atri, under the authority of Grottaglie, the building is located at the top of the centre, between the old and the new residential complex and is a part of the picturesque Ceramics district. The Castle, part of the historical and artistic heritage, looks outwardly like a medieval fortress with its rectangular tower, three levels high and crowned with battlements. The magnificence of this Castle is found inside the 11 large stately rooms which are lighted by large windows. It is in the ancient manor of this building, after careful restoration in the early ’80s, where the Museum of Ceramics is housed complete with its 500 works, dating from the eighth century B.C. to today, consisting of public property pieces, pieces owned by private collectors and discoveries from the Archaeological Supervision.
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