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Museo Etnografico "Alfredo Majorano"

Where Rampa Pantaleo , 6, Taranto
The Alfredo Majorano Ethnographic Museum is located inside the ancient Palazzo Pantaleo, a building with beautiful 1700 architecture which will become the next Virtual Museum of the City. The Alfredo Majorano Ethnographic Museum develops from the second floor of the Palace. It includes the kitchen and stable on the lower floors and houses testaments of the Tarantism phenomenon. The considerable cultural heritage was assembled by the scholar, Alfredo Majorano who led his anthropological investigation throughout Taranto and the Ionian province before Ernesto de Martino. Majorano was, in fact, tied to the traditions of his homeland, he collected objects to show the city’s traditions though various publications, exhibitions and conferences. He was a great promoter of the recovery and enhancement of the ethnographic tradition of Taranto. Consequently, the museum was named after him. The exhibition unfolds in several themed rooms. The second floor includes the kitchen and the 1700 stable on the lower floors. There are collections of artefacts related to the sea, the earth, the ancient works, games and religious devotion artefacts.
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