Luogo - Museum

Collezione Spada Antichi Strumenti Musicali

Where Via Donizetti, 6, Montemesola (Taranto)
The Spada Collection emerged from the passion of Dr. Francesco Spada, a haematologist and antiques and music lover who, in the span of about twenty-five years, bought 750 pieces, from local street markets and antique shops. The collection is divided into fourteen families, has been studied, photographed, catalogued and restored. In particular, for each instrument an organological study was made to determine the historical and geographical period from which it derived, also taking into account the physical and textual features of the materials used and of the subsequent operations made in order to change the sound depending on the changing preferences through time. The instruments have been restorated to their original form. During the ‘ Musica fuori dai teatri’ exhibition a study on the sound and use of instruments in different social contexts was untaken, thanks to this exhibition a vivid cultural debate began.
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