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Museo Civico "Mostra Archeologica" di Villa Castelli

Where Piazza Municipio, 1, Villa Castelli (Brindisi)
The Civic Museum was created after the restructuring of a wing of the Ducale Palazzo of Villa Castelli which houses the Archaeological Exhibition. The Castle is both a fortress and a noble palace. Today we can observe a series of changes that have taken place since the fourteenth century. Some characteristics from the Middle Ages, such as the ancient tower, are still visible. Partially renovated, it is now also home to the City Hall and the Municipal Art Gallery. A small portion of the property is privately owned, while the parish, dedicated to the Holy Cross in 1830, is in a wing of the castle (former stables). The southern facade still incorporates into its architectural complex, the old tower which is now the Council Chamber. The castle is surrounded to the south and east by a deep ravine that accentuates its defensive character; the floor is recognisable in its original structure and the internal aspect of the fort recognisable until the nineteenth century. The first plan, has facades from rigidly vertical surfaces, lightened by windows. The hall is equipped with barrel vaults. The staircase leads upstairs to the balcony from where you overlook the windows and doors adorned with frames made in the twentieth century in the Renaissance style.
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